yeah, back on it.

40+ in thorpe, 7hrs following Elk's wheel.
LEft the legs a bit tapped for more pre-ride
love, 4 to go 20 couple.....sweet toughness,
wrinkles looking smaller. missed the apres'
MASH happy hour, couldn't find the venue,
so went home to warmth and food.

Pics from Sat:



brett said...

Bummer you didn't find us. We needed help with the second sixtel of Hopback.

Tomi said...

yeah....Ridge Rd closed from Big Flat, drove down the hardroad, then up Milesburn, turned left drove down Ridge, but the wrong direction I guess, spied ugly muddy road ahead, so turned tail...shoulda gathered some venue beta before leaving the house...

Mark said...

ten fidy. man that is a trail treat in a can. might make the start up a little more interesting.

huber said...

yeah, i was regged for the event and couldn't find the start. got there with 10 minutes to spare! thanks for the nectar.

brett said...

The last-minute DCNR road closings didn't help much...but they had their reasons.