The Cursed.

Travisimo at Warp Tractor 9.9

mmmm, Dark Hollow. Surprisingly
amazingly good wknd up on the mtn.
Escaped the oppresive valley heat for
10-15deg cooler climate and one of the
best night's sleep under the stars that
I've had in a long time. Had some good
times on the bike, then snapped some pictures.

got lucky witht the shutter a couple times
I think, tough to get focused shots I'd hoped
for, lots of speed and frenzy instead, racers
were killing it down Yellow Hill..

opening salvos from the singledingles,
with Churtle in the mix.

moved over to Yellow Hill,
warp factors galore.

Full set now over on the SMug



Gotta say, I'm quite happy with the work done by the Carlisle Frame Shop, adding some life to a big empty wall.

'Inspection' by artist Michael Simon from VA. Met him at the Allenberry Heritage Days a few weeks back..

This is a water color tinted Gyotaku print of a brookie from Big Poe by State College artist Birdman. Saw it hanging on the wall up at the Feathered Hook and the colors were mesmerizing...


went for a ride.

took a fishin' pole along.

into the evening.

pointing the way.

setting camp in the dark...again.


first brookie of the day.

fish one, feels like a biggun.

true wild beauty.

hello there.

hitting the trifecta with
a surprise rainbow.

one last brookie.

their peaceful home

cycle of life.


rolling a bit of trail

love note.

the place I call home.

just spinnin' along.



ohhhh, just more of the same old same old.
I wish I lived somewhere cool, where I could
do cool rad stuff, man PeeYay sure sux.

3am Saturday commute, first light on Penn's
at five. Eventually harass a few feisty trouts
with a decent rally over craneflies from 8ish
to ten or so, back on shore around 10:30 once
the action subsides. Snack on a sandwich and
make a change of kit.

hop on the skinny tires, time to go exploring.
Circumnavigate the southern tier of the Bald
Eagle, lots of sweet pave' thru the forest and
a hidden climb towards the end to keep it
honest...home just in time for socializing
best I could at Dickerson Bluegrass Festy
before a steak off the grill and big ZZZzzz's.

5.5 on the stream + 5.5 in the saddle
= lazy Tour watching start to the day,
easing into it....ended up going to a
favorite spot in the Tuscarora, love
that forest, beautiful place.

soap box.

"But Republican Boehner said that tax increases are a nonstarter: "The American people will not accept – and the House cannot pass – a bill that raises taxes on job creators." "

Job Creators??? Fuck them, they got their rates cut again and again back in the Bush years, 10 fucking years ago, hell thirty, trickle down? yeah, right...and look at all the fucking jobs they've created since....well, maybe elswhere in emerging markets, ahhhh 'the market', gotta take care of the fuking market...we're phucked, fucking corporations, we are so owned.



Holiday wknd blitz,
feeling/being fat & slow,
bailed on le Tour and
scheduled a night at the
B&B up in Coburn.

Hatch a plan...fish some
brookie water along the
way north on Sat. morn.
Then try out some rods
during the afternoon
doldrums, and fish out
the evening on Penn's.
Hit Penn's again for the
morning bite, then figure
out it out from there...

Penn's in the evening.

New fishin' stick.

breakin' her in right.

down in their realm.

hero shot.

good mornin'

back at it.

here fishy fishy.

mmmm, lunch.

Penn's horseshoe stretch.

Little J evening.

It's the little things.

Another one in the rearview.