broken saddle

heard a crack last wknd.

heard a metallic tiingggg
as the rail ejected on the
first descent this wknd.

oh, that's what that was.

3 out of 4 contact points
held on for another hour
fourty five, then das was kaput.

immediate reminder of how
weak & flabby my core has
become...you get to engage
all those muscles when there
ain't nothin' to sit on.



I'm miss it, already.
last year, working a straight 40,
home before 4 at this time
of year.

This year, busy, but home
after 5, it's dark.  No time to
cast, work on my cert, thinking
about my presentation...what is
flycasting all about, anyways?

But man it's dark out already,
guess I should maybe string some
lights onto the mtn bike.

This change of season, seems
 to be more abrupt this year.

Time to harrass the neighbors with the fiddle....