spring is here

And I'm battling the change of season,
transitional cold/cough thing.

Now that I'm wanting to ride into
the sunset, I won't let myself, can't.
Now that the Breck blogwar is over,
now that I have a plan,
now is when I'm down.


so, instead of further pursuit of the
perfect spin. I toiled in the yard for a bit.
Finally raked the leaves, then looked
to the garden spot. Grab the spade,
turn over the dirt until I get dizzy,
yay Nyquil!
Spy something in the soil, a carrot?
BINGO! I actually did grow carrot
bigger than my thumb last year!!!!!
Didn't taste too bad, considering the
recent hibernation. Also found an
onion bulb, it has a new home in the
corner spot now.

And one of my favorite flowers is
blooming, every spring she comes up.

It's that time, can't wait to pedal.

oh yeah, I also updated the
linkage over there ---->

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