I bought a house!

For those not in the know,
spent the last month crossing i's
and dotting t's, moving paper from
A to B to C, damn glad it's all done.

ahh the American dream,
it's actually kinda cool...

and I'm only a block
from the Letort, pretty sweet.


vision that haunts me...

vision that haunts me from Tomi McMillar on Vimeo.

played chess w/ this
20"er the other evening,
Letort sure is a special place.


wknd thoughts.

hat tip to Sue.

more info...HippieSue found it on the WhiteGrass
page (shocking!), w/ a link that goes thru to WV
Sierra Club, still looking for a source for an
original sticker...I want one.


was so fed up.

with mowing that fucking lawn.
(and it needs mowed again, damnit.
am diggin' the rain though,
makes trout happy.)

mowing somebody else's property.
ugh, too old for that shtick, did
enough of that shit as a kid.

fucking tired of it, time to invest in
myself. 3ish time warped weeks
later and now I'm buying my own
place...gettin' pinned at the dance
tomorrow, ahhhh Commitment.

just feels right. felt right, funny
background and all, I'll tell you
at the party....

trust your gut,
if it feels right,
do it.




so, here I am trying to load two snapshots from the picture taker,
and this picture caught my eye while scrollling the the contents
of the hard drive on this here machine.

picture taken 6/12/06, it's the back of my number plate
from the only 24hr duo I've ever done....or will do.

damn, that was a special experience, lot's of emotion
and turmoil in that plate...captured well by the splatter.

an interesting day, I like it.


busy busy.

putting on the big boy pants,
buying a house, to whomever
described this process as 'fun.'

tell me again and you might walk
away with a fat lip....exhausting
and rewarding for sure, but 'fun.'

no, sorry.

did catch some nice trouts
on the Breeches the other eve,
whitefly has begun. caught a
nice 18" stocker brown on a tiny
little #20 something or other
before the bugs hatched in earnest.

enough to hold me over for a bit,
fun my ass, I'm going to sleep.