last night, forecast = shit
this morn, forecast = no quite so bad.
let's do a test. solid radar blobs
still out in WV, so at least 4-5hour
window is open. look thru the bits of kit.
time to really test the wool. hi 40's/low 50's
grey looking day. base, Sugoi merino,
then Swobo shortsleeve and TomiCOG
long sleeve woolly. leave the windproof
shite on the pile.
hourish in, grey sky turns light to heavy
misty, enough to puddle here an there,
but not falling rain. off and on, outer
never feeling beyond damp, core always
toasty. comfort is off the charts.

remove the weather and let the legs be
the source of discomfort. leg speed, leg
speed, leg speed, working on cadence.
upping the tempo pace, but not quite
working it, rock solid steady gunning.

pics early in the ride, then enough turns
finally mean vague directional, low cloud
deck means no bearings, finally rolling
thru Roxbury, remember passing thru
Newburg from a differnet than usual
direction. Rowe Run? Is it fishable
springfed limestone? Sweet foot bridge.
Also saw Orrstown for the first time.

Hannah Rd, Clearfield Rd, Mt Rd, 533,
433, 641, Letterkenny and Chambersburg
called out on the green signs. It all blends,
just pedal, then try to do the math after the
2.5hour dissappearing act. Where am I?
Bouncing south eastish and eventually
bump the Molly Pitcher Hway, left turn
and Shippensburg limits in a couple miles.

Plug in the RadioHead liveness via NPR
and turn those pedals, Cleversburg, Walnut
Bottom and Pine Rd into a tedious SEish breeze.
Kings Gap and back n forth into out of the
drizzley mist, just get me home, 5 would be
nice, but tempo work will pay off more than ez
spinning, look for the 2?+ on the mph gauge.
Done w/ pictures, done with eating, this
is where the work is done, pedal and work
the numbing burn thru the legs, changing
stroke thru the terrain and tempo...draggin,
scraping, kicking it over, pulling against
a slowly developing core, using all of the
body's resources in this struggle against
wind and gravity. Do the work, reopen
forgotten channels.

Finally hit the railroad tracks, then to the T,
then the right hander and sit up after clearing the
stoplight ahead of schedule. Another 5ish in
the books, mid 70's on the odo, another step
in that direction. Time to go work on that get
me home inspiring Thai infused coma.


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