winding down

yeah, seasonal winds are blowing, and I've been blowing it off, or so it feels. I know looking at the logs, this is where it usually begins, daylight savings over the wknd. daylong scouting mission planned. NATO Telefest was on my mind, reality took hold. Extreme solo driving short turn around, plus $$$ that could mostly cover the Durango plane tix = stay local.

slush puppie fest at roundtop, then hit the trails Sunday for route and systems shakedown, take an inventory of sorts. wishing I had clue on how the Breck voting was shaking out...keep pimping it, shamelessly hit up MTBR today, jumping thru hoops for what? A week of epiques @ 10k+on a fixed? Stages look reasonable thru my denying one eyed squint...so, beyond the altitude thing, just a week's worth of 6hr lunch rides...right?

bring. it.


mike said...

That's right. Just a week's worth of lunch rides...that make my stomach shake a bit. Thinking the pimpin' is paying off for ya. Keep the rubber side down...

e said...

dude, just come out and we'll do the same-ish rides without a $1300 or sell your sole price tag! I'll rock it fixie style with you! if not I'll see you in durango. peace.