step 1.

write it down. I'm visual,
I need to see things, in
order to see things, to
sometimes really see

Spent Saturday's recovery
Thai dinner looking thru
old journals. 4:30 deserted
restaurant, quiet.

Puts the mind at ease,
it always seems like so
much more than it is.

Knowledge is key,
the knowing, listening
to the body. Journals
are neat, windows to the
past, handful of jotted
words bringing back
day after day after day
in the saddle.

some years lean, non-existent.
some were simple daily
hours on the desk blotter,
coordinated with a spreadsheet.

just hours and thoughts.
hours are solid, words
are the sensations, the
moods, the inspiration.

it's all the data I need.


Anonymous said...

I thought step 1 was to cut a hole in the box?

Tomi said...

that's a different tune.