spring fiddy

happens all the time,
try to pre ride the entire
loop....only accomplished
a full pull once, the 100k.

this year, was asked for input
on a route, I brainstormed a
vision, scribbled up a map,
literally. have the front
portion figured out, just
needs a bit of feet on the
ground type work, but it's

second half, is a doozy.
I hope the powers that be
run with it, incredible new
trail discovered, rumors
confirmed. needs traffic,
maybe a snip here or there,
some quality, light handed
moto tilling would be superb....

then a standard local's fare up
in the neighborhood of Canyon
before working creekside back to
Michaux Rd.

If this loop happens,
ya'll are gonna earn it.

So, attempted to just ride it out
on Sunday w/ Elk. We were both
quite satisfied with the 6.5 hour
ride, 5 of it rolling...a flat, two beers,
sandwiches, March tempo pacing.
We covered 35, bailed after Canyon,
know when to say when.

I'm edumacated guessing that the
full parcours will stretch to low-mid
40's, could easily hit the pure 50 w/
inclusion of some classics like My Fave
&/or Grave's.

But I think the primitive
nature of this route will have
any finisher satisfied.

Here are all the pics I took!!!


Elk getting freshies:

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