to the curb

balance of moved out/moved in
is all but zero, or undefined if it's
moved in/moved out.

or something.

loose ends to wrap up, donation and
auction house runs on near horizon,
trunkload of metal/batteries for the
scrapyard...toxics to dispose.

then shop vac the joint and done.

can't wait for a stress free wknd, or 5.

or 6.


long. ass. wknd.

anybody need a 5 disc dvd player, a 32"
old school tv w/ stand, coffee and end
table combo, or another end table, big
rolling desk chair, microwave, toaster
oven, your choice of 12ish pack sized
coolers, other coolers, vacuum cleaner,
a vintage electric wheel chair (nonfunctional),
p.o.s. screw together computer desk(s)
or maybe a lamp or two?

early season deals on some excess tele gear?

17yrs worth, it's gonna be a long ass wknd.



scene on the commute home
from fishin' in Meeshow.


the yard

this'll keep me sharp
for harassing brookies.

where that bedroom
brick used to go.

the walk out.

interesting details.

the walk back.

serendipity, eh?


movin' and shit...

doing this the only way I know how,
one step at a time.

little help from some friends for the big stuff,
the rest of the process will cull 17yrs worth
of wordly possesions. I have wayyy too much
stuff. Salvation Army is making out well, big
sale accoming!

Snapshot of my expected viewpoint after
I host a house warming, love my new place...