arrogant prick.

yep, that's me, I admit it.

I'm an asshole, or can be, well, am,
sometimes. don't always like to be,
but yaknow? ya just gotta say
it, gotta be it. We'll see where
it goes, been awhile since I've
been that guy.

but god damn it. don't fucking
come into my backyard, and pretend
to know what's going on. don't fucking
blast your shit on teh interwebz, and
expect 100% adulation.

fucking grow a pair. And don't fucking
call me out on my experience. fuck you,
you fucking bike bling, color matching, can't
fucking ride out of your own way piece of
shit. stop dumbing down our trails, quit
turning logs to square the trail, quit
ripping down saplings 'cuz they're a bit
too close for your comfort. fucking ride
the hand your dealt, and if you can't....

get. better.

yeah, I'm being an egotistical, non humble
arrogant prick, but who of us doesn't
harbor these thoughts. liar if you don't or
didn't.....I guess the key is to not say it out


you tell yourself this every day you kit up.
you believe it every time you clip in.
you have to, it's the key to the pain cave.

but fuck it, I'm in the mood to fucking
scream, cuz I wanna, I'm fired up!
I'm formulatin' a plan, figuring shit out.

looked at the calender, looked at the
weekends, thought of the options, been
thinking some more, looking for crests
and valleys and timing. Bought plane
tix today, July 2 thru 12. No beloved Tour,
but high thin air instead, taking it to
a different stage, a new audience.

Prep...look close, plotting out the programme:


dicky said...

You talking to me?

Tomi said...

ohhhh, if I was talkin' to you, you'd know it. =P

Elk said...

Is this the warning shot for Smack-talk-a-palooza 2009? Or are you really pissed?

Tomi said...

mostly a harmless smack/venting combination, there's always some behind it though...mtbr had me a bit wound up.

brett said...

...just a bit. yeah. you're not the only one.

Fxdwhl said...

dudes got land management in his blood so I wouldn't sweat it. only good will come from his efforts. and he has skillz. mtbr membership grants much wisdom too.

e said...

fuckin' a dude! Don't hold it in. Let that shit out!

Jamie E said...

geez - watch out racers at Breck, Tomi's got a fire in him..

You gonna pump-wheel some one like the Italians...