old skool II

My Steed:

'90 NORBA, NJ: Ned

Johnny T.

The start: Ned, Tinker...

'89 Spring Excape, Craig Cty, VA:
random hippie mtn biker.


Carl, Camelback, '90.

NJ NORBA trials:

apologies if some of these are repeats,
feel like I posted a couple of 'em before....
too lazy to look at archives.



I <3 the Onion.

hat tip to Jill for the linky:


old skool

flippin thru the memory book,
took some pics of pics...
(clicky make big.)

WV Carl, Camelback trials '90

Blakey, Canaan Stage Race @ T'line, '90

Ned, Mt Snow '92

Insane bunnyhop, blew my mind...Camelback '90

Local Legends, Withers, Heisler, Sourbeer.
Mullen's/King's Gap fall '89, '90?

G. Mullen

Mt Snow, '92

Yours truely,
Rocky Ridge, winter 88/89

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Punk'd, fo realz

SSPunk was fun, one of best
that I've been privvy to be a part
of. solid, solid loop, solid crew.
fixie mafia keepin' it realz, Pat, Dom,
dude whom I've only met twice...

the underground shenanigans weren't
enough to derail a respectable ride by
the Schalkanator though. I tired to
jump on his wheel once, and laughed
at myself.

Highlight 1: nabbing my first authentic
punk, thanks to stage 1 singletrack
holeshot, Elk nipped me for the stage
win at the line though, curses.

Highlight 2: Not balling it up like Pat
in those rocks, 'twas puckering thru
that section, Ninja skillzzz tested.

Highlight 3: Keg w/ warm campfire action.
Noticed Schalk was a bit light on the partaking
of the nectar....time to work the crowd.

Spread the word for a points donation,
lobby for Chad, he's been rockin' so far.
Time passes, break in the action, Poz
hands me some points and punks...

"cool, I'll give 'em to Chad."

"No these are Chad's, mine......we gotta roll."


spend final stages turning inside out to keep
it realz, and retain that fine Stoudt.
scrape some scraps 6th, 7th, 6th...
Fix was tough on the trialsy section,
then try to hold Elk's wheel, ouch.

Slum back to the cars, recovery drinks,
doping control, change of kit.....
miss the points tallying...oops
missed awards, ooops....
that was speedy...damn pros musta
had to meet their Leer Jet or sumthin'.....

so I empty the pockets on the hood of a fine
American pick up. Beer addled brains do
the math. 141.

Go find Joe,
Where's Joe?

How many did Jeff have?


no. really?

nice job Jeff.


Really in the mood to rant about ToC,
or, excuuse, AToc.

best, Best, BEST!


best riders, best bikes, best race
on American Soil EVAH!!!!

And half of those fuckers in
the headlines are unrepentant
fucking cheaters.

fuck them.

pro racing was fun again,
new names, new drama,
new scandal, now it's the
old guard. feels like the
clock is turned back five
years, but the veil of belief
isn't there to make it worth

but at least now, with power!!!

talk about tedious fucking
wanker boy bullshit.

ohhh, ahhhh, his SRM peaked
a three minute a miximal mean
threshold computed semi calibrated
quanitfication of 397watts.

jizz in my pants.

yeah, give. it. up.

just pedal you damn bike.
learn to suffer, learn to
enjoy suffering, and realize
the gifts it gives you, beyond
maybe making the first page
of the results sheet.

pedal your damn
bike and be free.

ok, that's out.
Punk report to follow....


skier's eyes.

Jakey back in town.

going riding, for a 
change of pace.  Rough 
in the idea for the front
half of the spring fitty.
If that's really the direction
it's heading...

freeride linkage, down thru
the open forest.  see the open
schussing turns.  see it covered
in 2' of whiteness.  Perceptions 
of speed...trees approach slower 
on two wheels, interesting
thoughts of control enter the

See pillowy round rocks 
growing from the forest floor.
Imagine that layer of fluff,
think of the speed of two planks,
see the line for the runout,
and tell yourself...if only,
I could be weightless right now.

Still a lot of turns to make,
anybody have beta on the Mad 
River Tele fest in a few weeks?
It's been on the tick list, 
time feels right.



ok, I'll admit it.

Just paged thru the last two year's 
logs, read some of these archived 
posts. had to check & see when it 
all begins, remind myself.

remind myself that now is not the time.
the hunger comes, let it fester.

diaries show that the riding with purpose
usually doesn't begin in earnest until March.
anything done now....bonus.

difference between now and then...having
the season pass.  means not kicking over
$30 to ski on a Sunday morn, which means
not doing the 3ish hours Sunday Cupcake
funfest. Been gettin' in a bit of a workout 
on the snow though...but it isn't riding.

maybe this is the built in delay I've 
been thinking about.  it's happening 
without even knowing it.


can ya feel it?

this touch of warm air, 

tingles the senses.  hey, it's
sorta daylight a bit longer,
flat light lingering extra on 
the evening trip to the gym.

upsetting to see the carnage 
in the WG report, hope for a
sustained base up high.  also 
hope for lesser damage up 
north, there is a possible reboot 
on the horizon.  C'mon Ullr,
one more shot.

for now, resist the temptation,
just a bit longer.  get other shit 
done, and let the recent ski frenzy 
soak in.  body whispering, 'rest....'
weather does look more 'bike' 
than 'ski' thru the wknd though.

skinny tires in the dark?
maybe just a qwik  recovery 
spin...shake things loose.

voting and vanity

First Item:


Voting is live,
pick your favorite
three, put me at
the top.



Second item:

Was at Roundtop yesterday,
sweet fun, spring condish,
Work Stinx are an awesome ski!

Social Chit Chat in the liftline:

"I liked your picture."

yeah, what picture...?

"In the email."

uh, what email......

Apparantly Roundtop sends out a
weekly email to pass holders, and
there's a snapshot of me gracing
Friday's mailing.

Any chance one of you locals could
fwd me a copy? Haven't seen it,
didn't even know they sent out this
weekly newsletter until yesterday....


get it while it's hot.

awesome day, mellow rythmn which still emptied
the tank w/ most excellent adventure partner Churtle.
Escalator to Bald, to Pipeline to Birches Garden,
over to Great Eastern, not quite to Canyonlands,
back up blue ribbon to pipeline saddle. Bee line
summer trail-ish to Baldy Spruce enclave. More
single schussin to the fancy rocks, back out the
rabbit hole at Heaven's Gate for groomer skate
action w/ the big tele gear, whew. Fern Gully, Falls
Overlook...all $$$$$$$$$. Back up to Roundtop
for a turnfest down to lodge....tooo much fun,
6hrs punched, but feel another batch of turns
calling. Spur of moment Chipper inspiration,
take Bro's for a hot lap, sorry, didn't mean to
diss ya Cheryl. 25 minute up & down...big skis
spreading mashed potatos like butter.

Met an incredible gentleman today, Hank?
(god I suck with names.) Got a nice snapshot of him,
soooo much experience right there......super tight
kit, eh? He was heading up for "one more lap."
Just loves freeheelin'....Dude has been skiing Whitegrass
since wayyyyyy back when it was opened originally
by the Bartons! He remembered a functioning rope tow,

"Went a long ways up there...."

Who knows, was possibly there opening day.....
and still skiing and loving Whitegrass.

"No place on earth like it."

Indeed sir, indeed.

(clicky make biggy on all)

As always, thank you Chip & FOWG!!!!


mortal thoughts.

Larry has a good post up,
thought provoking, which i commented on....

led me to think more.

back to focus....see below.

no, focus, you ass.

let's say you're really, really rippin' down the trail on your bike,
how fast? round here, maybe, mayyyyyybe 15ish sustained.
As Carp once said, VA big mtn flowy styley, "doesn't really get
interesting until 20...." Then you try to hold onto that lanky
bastard's wheel while rippin' down Dowell's or the SMT, and
it starts to get 'interesting.' So, roll it just a while longer, a
quick snap of the neck to check the digits, 21.2, neat.
Then it's time to breath and let him go.

How fast do you go when you ski? It's hard to tell, layered in
layers, not out there in spandex undies, senses muted.
20? 25? sure. 30? 40???
Tried to gauge it tonight vs road bike perception. Let
those WorkS run. Feel the cold air on the cheek.
Feel the cold hero snow underfoot, see the wide
open slope below.

Stick an edge and ride it clean.
Stick two and fucking rail it.
Big, damp, stable, carving machines...
let. them. run.

Now take it all in, how fast? How fast, HOW FAST?!?!?!?
well, I sure as hell don't wanna fall right now,
I know that much. That, will be ugly.

How's the wind on the face? COLD!
ok, how fast is the terrain coming?
I dunno, but I need to turn NOW!
use it all. how fast? how FAST?

the minutae gets blurry, focus on the mid to large
sized features, so probably at least 25 plus...
but how fast? sure do love the flat rollouts here at
Roundtop, lots of room to shut it down, man these
skis sure are stable....ok, don't quite finish this next
turn, hit that ripple, weightless....2......1...
onto that pinky toe and driiiiiiiiive! finally we're moving.....

now.......lay down, and slide blind backwards, into the trees.

it is a bit different than grabbing
some brakes and shooting for that
daylight gap into the shrubbery.


yeah. testing myself.
always, ALWAYS have good legs in early-mid June.
Would rather have that happen in early July for a change.

is it mental? or just the pattern of the body, workload?
delay the workload, delay the peak. not 2-3 weeks
of slack, but 2-3 weeks of relaxed mintainence, stay here,
on this plateau for a bit longer.

I know, funny from someone who doesn't 'train.'
But, come one, been doing this for 20 yrs now,
I know how the body responds, I know when I'd
like to stroke the ego this year, so why not maximize
it? I'll just be a step behind early, and maybe not trying
to cling to that steppe in Sept, but rather be in the heart
of it. time will tell, stay tuned.

Problem is, weather looks like shit for
skiing next week, temptation.

should I tune the road bike?
charge some lights?


I like this video.

I see situations like this as 'fun.'
Technical billygoating, pick it apart.
Wish I had anywhere near the skillz,
and 28 vs 38 yr old knees would help,
to even think about a line like this.
I'm not comfortable jumping off stuff, yet......

too bad the breathing isn't in the soundtrack.


video via PM Gear, makers of fun stuff.

figuring it out.

the calander....

Official things to do:
(3) Meeshow Races: May 3, July 19, Sept 13
(3) SMT events: Stoopid 50, W101, S&M100
(1) il Giro
(1) July Stage Race, tbd.
(1) World Championships

Alternates on the radar:
Kuhn's Rocktober in May, sweet course up in RB Winter, May.
God's Country Marathon @ Denton, August?

Un official, the relaxing stuff:
MeeShow 100, unsupported.
Another PA or VA multi night adventure or three,
(Multi day trek up to Raystown for the opening?)



yay! Mike finally got the website running,
looking gooooood.


no voting yet, ya'll will definitely know when that happens,
please send me to Colorado, pleeeeeze.

And no, despite only one mtn bike 'ride' in January,
I'm not getting fat and soft this winter, the gym
just got some new workout equipment: