just what I needed.

went fishin'
then went ridin' on some
sweet, new to me trail
and saw some interesting
numbers on the HR gizmo.
talk about recovered and
firing on all cylinders, ohhhh shit!

that's the bounce I've been looking for.
only question is, how high?

101 will be a painful affair no doubt,
and I'm not walking away with
just a water bottle this year.

to the moon, bitch!
to. the. moon.


gone fishin'

needed a change of pace,
bit of a reboot, back to basics.
let's go fishin'!

cool mtn stream.
monstrous native brookies!

butterflies & beetles

love the skat!another friendly native
his knee deep home.
found a little snack during the hike out
then heard a flitter behind me, hello mister red bird.

color me relaxed, be well.



did I go too far, or just far enough?
kept piling it on, pile. it. on.

no regrets, the rides
were beautiful experiences,
16+ hours last week
legs still flat 4/5 days later.
can feel the big bounce coming.
hope it gets here soon,
the mental game is revving.
goals are set, no plan to hide behind
the fixed gear for this one.
I will unleash the power and the fury!

the 101 is going down!
or you'll find me fetal position
wimpering in the laurel.....again.

no Lykens 50 for me this wknd,
no need to ruin super fun time experience
trail sessions by associating them
w/ raceface suffer & slum.

And WTF is up with having to pay to camp?
80 fucking dollar registration,
and the promoter can't include a spot
on the grass for me to set up a tent?

$10 to camp in addition to the entry fee.
who's putting this thing on? Laird?

fuck that.



this is shocking, shocking I tell ya!, fucking moron.

Vino pinched for blood doping.

It must be one hell of a mindset to love something so much that you're willing to kill it in the process.

possible excuse: Well ya see, I had all these cuts, and lost a good bit of blood in the process, just wanted/needed to top off the tank.

What a douche.


days like these

Feelin' the love, legs having rebounded nicely. Time now for a bit of Tuscarora exploration, a 'one of those days' rides that kept getting put off. Now I know why. Original plan, altered; big goal for the day, aborted after spending 45 minutes to go 3 miles downhill with a bit too much gnarly ankle busting scree hike a bike. Time of day vs potential for more trail suckage = tail between legs. Had a very solid and enjoyable 5 hours preceding that point though.

The now familiar view from Elk Hill Rd.A bit of history along the way.yummmmm.Sheriff Trail is like a super Flat Trail, intense creekside love. Middle Ridge petered out on me before reaching Ant Hill, sort of a frustrating bushwack at times. But some nice scenery along the way.
A quick look near the Turkey Pens gate revealed freshy enduro trail. Nice session of riding the dusted over singletrack moto trail, working soft berms of pulverized loam. Tempo'd out the road to Fowlers Hollow, top off the water, look over the map, confirm the route and head out the back of the park. Eventually bump into Twig Trail and find an incredible climb and berry bushes up out of the hollow to Hemlock Rd.

Another shitty view.Looking at the clock, decide to bail on the BigSpring portion of the planned loop and head direct to the Tuscarora.
The first 1/2mile or so was pretty nice, typical techy trail, then it turned right and pitched straight up the fall line on laid in natural rock steps. Over the ridge and it plunged down through beyond ridable gnarl. Hiking was tough and pure sketch in spots, nothing like steep scree scrambles in Sidis w/ a 29er on your shoulder. Finally back down into the hollow, breaktime at the shelter and decide to bail, 5:45 elapsed. Figure that a 1.5 hour slog on fireroad is most direct route home. So, back out the hollow, down thru the park, pull on the gameface and pick up Laurel Run Rd at it's northern terminus then TT that sucker back to the car and the single warm beer I have waiting. Finish up with 7:20 elapsed, smidge under 6 riding, fifty couple on the odo, lots of fireroad hammering, maybe a bit too much shwackin' and juuuuust enough quality trail to keep me smiling and thinking of coming back, count it.
Slept in and watched the thoroughbreds go toe to toe in le Tour today. Damn, that's one hell of a race this year. Inspired, I climbed back onto the Dos, rolling out the door at a bright and early 11:30ish.
Head for the hills.
Spun her sweetly out to MarshRun, then up the Adams County side for a ripping trip across Ridgetop and down to Coach Duffy's. Follow the tarmac to Cold Spring for a lap up around Vista.
Loving the view.
Wrap it up by rolling across Flat Trail then slum home on pavement with a soak in the cool healing waters of the Letort. Takes strength to get stronger, this wknd was a step in the right direction for sure. Hope yours went well also.


why? v2.0

New places. Wind in your hair.Pushing limits. Podiums.
Well earned beer.
Friends. And Flow.Gotta have Flow.


Curse 100k --- ouch.


Yeah, what a wknd. Props to everybody that finished, especially the one speeders, that was a tough, very tough loop. Pre-rode the whole thing 'for fun' on Saturday. Had a blast on the front loop, solo ripping the downhills, all day steady gunning pace on the climbs. Dos rode splendidly, other than the grumpy middle ring. Had to give myself a pep talk before heading out for the second portion, didn't want it to get ugly and the potential was there for sure. Kept to the gameplan, gettin' it big grin styley in the woods and staying honest on the climbs, gameface but not quite cramping race pace.

Backside of Grave's was a special treat, had to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness. Knew from Travfest that from the bottom of Grave's to Big Flat was a serious chunk of elevation, one of the biggest in the forest probably. And I guess there's a reason that we rarely, if ever, ride that atv trail up the backside of Grave's, that fucker is just plain rude. Deep roots with sippy holes, little headwalls and lots of quirky power moves. Then you turn the corner and get kicked in the teeth with what are probably the gnarliest sections of 'rock gardens' that you've seen all day, after about 8hours of punishment. It was neat. Dug in and somehow rode it all clean, then spun it up to Big Flat, clocking out at 8:15 elapsed, 7:20 riding.

Props to everybody that toed the line. From the seasoned pros (congrats Harlan!) to the folks that didn't know what they were getting into and everybody in between, way to step it up. That was one hell of a loop that ya'll just raced around. A splash of pics from the day, more up at the smug.

The rider formally known as Jake.

Big dog for the day, Harlan.

Chris E.Fuck it, just huck it! Harlan's buddy Pete.Buddy taking care of his 'single speed tax.'

Lonely Road.

Backyard Roadtrip

Wow, hectic wknd. Lots and lots of pics to post up soon, qwik n dirty recap first.

Thursday, late night building up the new Dos frame, the orange is muy caliente.

Friday, hook up with Old man Withers for a little shakedown cruise on the Dos. Hit up a bit of the Curse loop in a reverse direction. The Dos feels a bit foreign after being off her for a month or so. Take a few deep breaths and let the flow come, get back into sync after breaking a chain. Finish the night with greasy burgers and onion rings before the stumbling bumbling late night gear shuffle, piling up tent and bags for loading into the CR-Vizzle in the morn.

Early rough start to the day Saturday. Still running late, can't seem to make up the 25minutes that I've been behind by since Tuesday. Miss hooking up with Lee for a Curse 100k pre-ride, plug in iPodius and get rolling solo. Unsupported 9am start; 2 bottles, 100oz bladder, one Troeg's Pale Ale, a turkey bagel sandwich and lots of gel packs. 5:30 later all bottles and bags are empty, refuel at the car, head back out. Bang out the second loop in 2:45, so 8:15 elapsed, 7:20 of pedals in motion. Not a race pace effort, but I kept myself honest with a steady gunning tempo all day. Pushed just hard enough to get some sort of benchmark for everybody doing the official event. Handful of beers and plenty of socializing before sliding into the tent for too short of a night's sleep.

Up early once again on Sunday, take a shit ton of pics on Abby with Bender's sweet camera, then work the second aid station during the race. Saw the entire realm of mtn bike racer experiences. Some had good days, some did personal reenactments of Dante's Inferno. It's always neat to see these things from the other side. Back up to the venue after the sweepers moto thru, hang out with shelled and empty souls for a bit, then get recruited to pitch relief at the final aid station. Back out onto the course, marshal a handful of slummin' folks to the finish, miss out on the 100k awards and saying farewells. So, to those that I didn't see before departure.... Nice ride, good to see ya, let's do it again sometime.

Catch you kids on the flip side, which will more than likely be the 101. Should have pics up on the smug tonight, and some teaser favorites on here.....




do yourself a favor.

if you haven't found this guy yet,
put him in your favorites.
good stuff.

bouncey bounce

ahhhhh, recovery.
Pure laziness, couple of days spent sorting thoughts and gear after the TdB, then the knee got tight from abuse and a lack of active recovery. Spin her out on the town trails for a soak in the healing spring fed waters and out onto the road bike for a light spin past the lakes on Saturday. The Cupcake Borg was set for a Sunday 'pre-ride' mission of the 100k at 7:30 in the am on Sunday.

7:30? a.m.? fuck. that. I opted for a solo crack of noon start from the Furnace and threw down 2 or so slowwwww hours cruising thru the lower elevations of Michaux. Legs were uninspired at best and I expected as much. I was just happy to be out pedaling. Had the camera at the ready, stopping often to smell the flowers. An enjoyable ride with no purpose other than to get outside, the sweet sweet lazy days of summer, good times.

Laurel still bangin'
Yellow FlowersWhite flowers.And a big scarey snake!


Stage 5

The Deathstar. Doesn't that sound inviting, a descent called the DeathStar? Should be interesting. Start of the final stage is from Hone Quarry, a new host venue for the final TdB stage. Didn't put much thought into this stage, had trouble looking past that big road stage. How big are these climbs gonna be? Trail or road? oh, first it's the paved climb to the Reddish Saddle, then later we climb from WV on CR25 back to the same spot, that makes two 2000ish foot ascents, neatto. Rolled out in the parade, not sure of how those pedals will turn. Legs were empty, mind was numb, wasn't sure how the day would unfold. Sluggish start to the KOM spot from previous years, then I found my quiet place off the front and slummed up the long paved climb, taking another pointless parade KOM and gaining hours of TV time for the sponsers. I came soooo close to walking up that paved climb, just didn't have the motivation, other than not walking.

Sue, all smiles as usual.

Recollect in the saddle and we roll up to the timed start. I don't fool around at the front this time & happily start from the back of the pack, survival is the name of the game. Do make up some spots on the false climb and then drift further back thru ferntown on the SMT before plunging down the DeathStar. The mid-stage fireroad approach was pure suck. Body went hollow, barely able to climb the falseish flat, all signs pointing to doom. Thoughts of walking for 1.5hours up from Sugar Grove cross my mind, not happy thoughts. This is the meltdown, this is the miserble lowpoint, surprised it took so long to get there. Begin to curse the heavens and despise the route, the blind left bends one after another, too many mini false summits, soul sucking slow track tackinees zapping me. Not in a good mood, where is the turn into the dh????? Then finally, I see familiar faces at the right turn and damn......
What a sweet freakin' descent! If only I had a sensible bike. Get to have some fun with a few techy moves off the top, then the front brake shits the bed yet again on the steeps...then again...and again...and I'm laughing at myself. At least there's only one more climb, not counting the final ridge. Just another hour's worth of fireroad up to the saddle.

Fueled by Mtn Dew and PB&J's, I climb the long fireroad to the saddle with a sizable gap. Once on top I sit down, crack the beer I've carried all day and relax while the peleton lingers in. Reality sets in that I might actually finish this thing and my mood lightens. The final timed section begins shortly, I take a final leading rollout and have one last chance to chat and heckle as I drift back thru the group. Good times soon turn to excellent as I find that sweet fixy flow down the Hone Quarry spine, perfect ninja pedal spinning rock n roll flow, back n forth, back n forth. Just me, my bike and the trail, everything else melts a way. Man, was it ever good. The gnarly techiness along the lower benching was sweet icing on the cake, and I really want to hit that up again. But with a coasty bike. Damn damn damn, that was fine stuff.

The Awards mingled with the burgers and dogs and the ingestion of various bottled liquids was as fun as ever. Congrats to the big winners, Churtle and JB for the GC, Fawley for being the uber-specialist with both the KOM & Sprint and Delany keeping me honest and out of the DFL. Followed all that up with a late evening caffieine fueled, fireworks watching drive home for a late night arrival and unpacking. hooo doggy.

What a trip.

Thanks everybody.

Stage 4

On the road again.

Oh man. The Queen Stage, advertised as 100miles, 12000ft of climbing with enough fireroad to satiate the hungriest of all scorchers. The route, head out to Stokesville from town with a Mole Hill KOM and a Dry River Sprint along the way. Then thru the National Forest to Braley's Pond to 250, up and over the Confederate Breastworks towards WV for the first refuel. Then beeeyoooootifull high mtn valley farm riding to the high point of le Tour, Reddish Knob via SR620 & FR85. Finish with a parade to the Ottobine sprint for Mexi Night at the Little Grill.

Somewhat accurate Routeslip profile....

I've been looking at/fearing this stage for a looong time, long time. I do love this loop, one of the best road rides on the planet, but anytime you contemplate 100miles on a fixed, I think there's reason to be skeered. Throw in 15-18hours of riding and racing in the three days preceding, and my knees are shaking, stomach is turning and anxiety is high. This is the peak effort to date for the year, could be the ride of the year. Simple survival w/out dismounting the stead is the goal. I've stood alongside the LeMond with 39:25 gearing on the CR25 climb from Sugar Grove to Reddish, I've almost walked my 2:1 mtn bike on the hundo miler climb to Reddish, which just happens to be in today's parcours. The Rt 250 appetizer is also a tough little kick in the teeth, a smidge bit harder than Doubling Gap I'd guess, and the three 'rollers' before it on the way to Braley's are a pain in the ass. This is a tough, tough, tough stage.

The rollout was nice, I took my place in the wind when needed and had a nice seat for spectating the KOM on Mole Hill. Rode in the group across some valley pave' and even threw down for a 30ish mph pull during the Dry River sprint, showing those fools what a real spin looks like.....or something like that.

Then we went on the clock and I once again got dropped like it was my job on the drag race to Braley's. Imagine that I made up some time on the Rt250 climb and surprisingly didn't get caught on the final stretch into High Water. Legs felt ok, but the mind felt weak, Reddish looms large. Helped set tempo on the short parade up the sweet mtn valley, then we made the right hander where the clock gets punched again. Fawley flats 10yds in, so the start is neutralized and we regroup. I'm actually on the front on the way up over Buffalo Knob, but of no concern to the heads of state. I don't dare try to hold a wheel when the fireworks begin near the summit, so I drift back, wayyyy back, over the rolling terrain to the base of the Reddish climb. Then it's me and my iPod in that comfortably painful & quiet place. Just turn 'em over, keep those pedals moving. Be Like the Squirrel. Finally, after rolling that 40:15 for about an hour-ish, I'm on top. I fucking made it, without taking a god damn step, booyahh!

Cycling is Geigh!

Wasn't quite sure if I had it in me, but somehow I found what I needed. Dug down deep into that dark corner, found some inspiration and just kept rolling. One foot in front of the other, using the entire body to turn those pedals round and round and round. Liked the climb up Reddish better than the Nutt, a bit less pitchy, and better traction. Only soooo much longer, a solid hour's effort with a mild break here or there near the top, picking off one rider after another after another, so many dangling carrots. I somehow only lost less than 15minutes to Bishop over the section, something I'm kinda happy with.

The ride back to town was relaxing, once my hands got their feeling back after the looooooong brake skimming descent. I simply rolled the gear over those last couple rollers into Dayton and we settled into a nice cruising tempo gruppetto. Cheryl's bike gizmo flipped 100miles a block or so from Carp's house, 7ish hours of ride time I think, 8:08 elapsed on my watch, other fancy gizmos showed 8000ft of climbing, will let the false advertising slide, this time.

Dragon slayed.