testing one, testing two.
man, good to be back in the light.
punching out thru that tunnel of doubt.

the spring race, it fucked with
my head pretty good. to have
such a miserable day...why?

it was a trough, not a crest, not a rising wave,
it was bad timing, body just wasn't in the groove
yet. still reloading from early awakenings.

so, realization made, stick to the programme',
but mix it up, plan B styley. mental state not
100% for solo endeavor, so change it up for full
pull S-D-S. Build upon last year. Made that right
turn up the switchbacks because I was compelled
to. How else will you know?

How else do you find out?
Let it soak in, then Memorial Day. No Giro, sorry,
just not in the cards, roll solo instead. See new
scenery. Learn techniques, learn capacities, pace,
expectations vs reality. Find the low point.

Vincent Tram Trail. Like Ironhorse, sorta, but
more secluded, more overgrown to states of
"am I actually bushwacking?" Terrain like the
Slatyfork 'off the charts' options. Narrow Gauge
benched falseflat skree. Ridable pitch, ridable
gaps between once existing ties, how long can
you keep the pedals turning?

ka-thunk, ka-thunk, ka-thunk.

'How much more of this shit?' Tangled up
in another greenbrair patch. How much more
of this shit?!?!?!?!?! Where the fuck am I on this map?!!!!

2hrs elapsed when the gate is finally reached. Then a
flat tire change from hell...black flies swarming. yay!

The low point...push thru it, and build from there.
Nothing can be that bad from here on out. Keep
digging the hole, find the bottom. Those dues
are being paid, time being served. Now we polish
what gems were found and let it all soak in.
Find some speed to top it off with, reload
the ninja fixy skillz and throw down, feed off
peer fed inspiration. Being chased inspires
more tightrope redline dancing than risking
limb as chaser at this point on the calender.

Salsa shwooped for the time being, but do scavenge
front wheel onto Jabber to get thru the day, persistent
mystery flat despite inspection and fresh tube....but
many unnerving creaks and groans from typical stress
points today. Work to do....

Work to do. Despite 70 couple for the roundtrip to
G'burg, over 233-Bendersville, then rolling thru the
Narrows, more hits along TableRock-Old C'lizzle-34
direct route home. Still gotta do the work, stretch
the legs. It is the Sunday ride afterall, hold the pace,
or move over, or get politely heckled....

Realize your handicap and work just that much
harder to not make it an issue, when in the woods,
on the gas whenever, wherever you can. 'Cuz as soon
as it gets tight and nasty for more than two pedals
strokes, you're a walking talking impersonation of
PennDot. Throw up the caution flares.

so you work to get the gap, to close the gap, second
wheel is a fine place to be. hold onto the coastiness
as long as possible, try not to hold up third wheel too
much, and float in between. roll redline blurry anaerobic
thru the first cruxy rocks, then hammer the next climb
to open the gap behind, close the gap in front.

and float in between. and pedal harder if you want to go
faster and don't allow yourself the option of getting dropped.
know when to admit defeat for sure, and give the coasters
their due, but it's Sunday, earn it, bitch.
Three weeks of this, then 2 weeks of tune up recovery before
the Rocky Mtn High experience. A plan is being formulated.
Fixy Ninja has been awakened, Stoopid50 on the horizon,
payback hunger in the belly. Then packing two boxes with
bike and gear for the UPS peeps. Couch surf/camp/meander
for a day or two thru the FrontRange between DIA and Breck
celebratin' FREEDOM! before committing to the 32:19 (18?)
for a few days in the hills ot ColRADoooooooo.

yeah, can you taste it?


read something

pretty pictures too:




whew, fun wknd.
more later, pictures!
rough outline:
6:00-8:45 Friday, 25miles, mostly road.
out of 'bed' 5am, rolling 7am. Lots of neat
stuff...Lewistown around 4pm.
more exploration, camp along East Licking
8:45ish, 80 covered. up 5:15, fix another
thorn flat, rolling 7:45. Explore some woods
road, then fireroad/pavement, bit of trail, home
@5:30. 70+ covered, including lap across
town for beer. Glad I was in the Pub, and
not huddled next to some rock when those
evening storms blew thru last night.

For the gear dorks, bike weighed
33ish lbs w/o water bottles. Loaded
to the gills Ergon weighed 17ish lb.
(ish due to using the highly accurate,
stand on scale w/ bike, stand on scale
without bike measuring technique, repeat
for accuracy...)

Day 2

Day 1

Day 0


locked & loaded.

done, stuffed to the gills.
things yet to remember, camera,
better batteries, glasses in case,
turned off cell phone.

gear list for the curious:
50^ bag, therma rest prolite something or other.
Mtn Hardwear bivy sack.
MSR pockrockt stove, small fuel canister in a
quart Ti pot. Ti sierra cup, lexan spork.
minimal first aid, toiletries, camp towel,
tp, handi wipes. multi tools, chain tool,
bits of chain, rack bolts, spokes, 19t Tomicog
backup plan. zip ties, duct tape around toothbrush.
Rain jacket, longsleeve zip tee, wool ss jersey,
knee warmers, baggies over bibs, camp shorts,
extra wool socks. extra gloves. water filter, pump.
100oz water+ 2 @ 25 on the bike. 2 tubes, patches,
co2 (should leave home). Eos headlamp, red blinky.
mini camp espresso maker w/ mini mug.

Food: (2) dehydrated spaceman meals,
4 packs of instant oatmeal, coffee, (3) packs
of pop tarts. ~ 2lb of trail mix (mixed fruit, M&M's,
salted cocktail peanuts), 20couple chocolate chip
cookies. Figure to hit East Waterford for lunch
Saturday, Lewistown in the evening,...then not
sure about Sunday options, it's God's Country
after all. try to save the spacmen shite for then.
bit of cash, journal for thoughts. two fire starter
sticks, compass & maps.

Plan/goal is to cover 180, 107 mapped, return leg
determined by pace & desire. Might reach beyond
Lewistown if making time vs slow exploration, but
that's off my map. Really hope to have the gumption
to finish with a bit of Tusc Trail love on Monday....want
to make good time to Reeds Gap, then soak in the

Departe' after an early dinner tomorrow,
catch ya on the flip side.



was gonna ride tonight, but three honest efforts in four days showed tender legs during the simple commute. with the wknd in mind, and a fuzzy complicated list of things to do in my head before the first overnighter, I'm here, working out the first step...where exactly to go?

came up with this:

the jist of it: leave friday after work, make it to ~25mile mark, camp along the creek. Ride a smidge known of trail, then boogy to Fowler's for water. If making time, hit the Hemlock route, otherwise cut out 9miles and head direct to East Waterford. Lunch at the pizza shop, stock up at the general store. Then Reeds Gap and explore the northern sector of the Tuscarrora, set the mix to climb road, descend trail, then outskirts of Lewistown @ mile 80ish, refuel, then onto the 333 and hopefully make it far enough to sleep along the VincentTram, mile 90-95ish. Check out Spectacle Gap, dig the name, then back to ReedsGap and cover miles 'til bedtime somewhere in the Tusc, prob near Fowler's. Slum home from there.

Goal is 180ish for the wknd, map ends at 107,
w/ ~45mile direct road route from that point if bailing.
Emergency exits to Mifflin or Port Royal, follow 74 home.

And now that that's the plan,
I can start my lists.



VA is summer camp, roots.
but PeeYay! is home.
Good to be back.



read this interview.

This is an American cycling legend,
who you just don't hear that much about.
A quiet champion, much respect.