it's a long road ahead.

"Where do you ride? when?...
who do you ride with?"
she asks.

I stammer....

"Are you a loner?"

'yeah. I am.' says the quiet
voice in my head.
a recluse, a hermit.
guarded, always..

"are you a loner?"

I am Lone Wolf.
a Tourrettes pronouncement
as he spectated the off the front
parade, spit to the back timed speciale'
at the '07 tour. Lone Wolf, it resonates.

it lifts my spirit,
when the white line
has you beat down.
that memory, the good
times. they keep the pedals turning.

I ride with all of my failures.
I ride with all of my successes.
I ride constantly along this line.

sacrifice now.

reap the benefits later.

so many lonely miles,
rewarded by the communal
traveling circus. so stoked
to be finding a neglected rythmn.

It's how I roll.


CabbageHead said...

Roll onward.

Fxdwhl said...

good post. hardly ever lonely on the solo jaunts myself.

Anonymous said...

2nd pic, Rte 34 split?