the end.

ski seasons end.
bike season, never,
just a hiatus now & then.

can always go biking.
can always brave the
elements and find
some path to follow.

skiing, not so much.
skiing is not always an
option. from now-ish,
until maybe next November,
skiing won't be a local option.

Luckily, I have no complaints
about the season, tickled the
40day tally again, upped my
game another little notch.
slayed some sweet pow,
shared some incredible tours,
and stayed in one piece, no
niggling tweaks or goofyness
to nurse.

to keep chasing it now ups
the ante for potential peril.

recognize a new fitness plateau,
ripping the bumpy vert with minimal
stoppage, if any on some laps,
catch the breath on the lift. Burn it,
soak it in, ski social laps w/ friends,
but mostly solitary, leaving the
tracks you want, at the pace
you enjoy. and call it day kinda
early, enjoy a slopeside burger
and Nugget.

lots of pedaling in store tomorrow,
putting ideas to the test.....


Elk said...

I'm down with the clown. Where's the starting point for this madness?

Tomi said...

I'm thinking Furnace, not finish with a climb.

Stubbie said...

like the loop.
like your style.
don't go a changin'.