this is pretty awesome...



OccupyBikeSeat was in
full effect yesterday.
Haven't pedaled the
roadie bike since early
July and had fresh World
Class hoops to break in.

So, what the hell...up
3Sqr into the Tuscarora,
and back over Waggoner's?

Sure, why not, seemed like
the day for it...ended up being
a fun 5hrs in the saddle, and
leaf peak ain't quite here yet..
amazing where a pair of 25c's
a few steel tubes will take you.

heading on out past that blue silo.

was really hoping to
stock some calories
here...oh well.

getting closer.

looking back, there's
Meeshow way over there...

heading up & up.

30minute pave' climb
brings you here

pockets of color, pave' cruisin'

no pics of the concentrated
slummy spin home from there,
skies turned an appropriate
shade of steel grey cloud for the
route home, matching the half
bonked zoned in & out mindset
perfectly. at least the wind died
down, pleasant surprise.



that was a
damn fine
egg & bacon

Sunday after
Beer Run, hit
the spot. Great
riding w/ the

Feeling fat &
slow, should
do something
'bout that.

Maybe the
roadie wheel
hookup will
be a qwik pre-
ski remedy....

good times,
thanks for
the sandwich

HFM will be mine.


native beauty

found what I was
looking for.