staycation week.

damn, this is what I needed.
been unplugged for more
than few, feels good. did
the mtn bike guide thing
over the wknd, getting paid
to pedal is a pretty sweet gig.
thnx Bucky & Ralph.

saw a lizard up along Vista.

and been doing some fishin'
here and there, daytrippin',
looking for streams that
aren't blown out, plenty of
rain this year, that's for sure.

pedaled thru the woods too,
got a new tire up front, the
fresh edges sure are grippy.

got home from the Little J
late last night, noticed branches
and shredded bits laying about
the streets....daylight revealed
the extent. Ma Nature did quite
a job on the neighborhood.

I was waist deep sippin' a beer,
waiting on the evening sulphurs
when this all went down, barely
got rained on where I was..

Four more days, plenty of
pedaling and a bit more
fishin' on the agenda.


stone cabin

and finally met the neighbors of the Stone Cabin,
Dave & Debbie....

"we ain't never seen nobody here before....nice to meetchya"

"been hammerin' her since she was 15."

ahhh local color, the Israelis ain't
seen nouthin' like that befoo.


low tolerance.

ahhhh, the benefit of being fat and slow.

don't need to ride back to back 14ish hour days,
when Cupcake Focus takes you there in 4ish.
forgot how much fun it is to battle the cramp
monster, I thought this retirement shtick
would keep him at bay.

trails are riding great though, so how can you
not empty the tank out there?

fished a bit on Saturday, Little J from 9 till 4ish.
Caught a few, no rising trouts yet, though didn't
stick around for the witching hour. Was reminded
the challenge of wading waist deep in qwik waters,
kept my feet under me, but did pucker a couple
times, was not in the mood for a swim...


Hot racing actions!!!

Maximus oh'11 is in the books.

Looked like everybody had one of those
miserably good times, sweet. The mountain
is overloaded with water and parts of the loop
showed it. Felt bad for the 20' & 10's, missing
out on the sweet stuff that's up high in the 40.
That loop out across Ridge Rd to newly finished
Vista is some of the sweetest riding in Michaux.
That's gotta be such a fun loop to race around,
except for the lower Adam's county slummin',
that's some gnarly ickiness down there. And it
puts you in pretty deep hole to climb up out of, ouch.

lots of hollow faces coming into the finish chute.
lots of respect out to all ya'll, hell of a ride you
put in..sorry about the rain, sorry about the
running water, it's out there no matter where
you go in the forest right now...should make
for good fishin' come July....will probably hit
some of the trails 'one more time' to see how
they fared. Another 3/4" of rain in the forecast,
imagine things will mend right back together....

J. Po. on RiceRocks! and thru the dippty-doh..

Ed is a smart man.

Churtle lines it up.

Only a witnessed two of these...