Dave put up a good post.
This was near the closing...

"Us enduro nuts do things with our bodies evolution didn’t prepare us for. If we’re gonna be bull-headed about it we better get smart!"

Totally in sync with his age vs diet vs recovery
thoughts, but here's the thing....I think that as
enduro nuts, we actually are tapping into
what we've evolved to do, into what keeps evolution
rolling, our survival. How fit for survival are the
83%ers sitting in their fucking cubes? Wandering
thru life thinking a half hour of 'cardio' is enough
to be physically fit? Fit for what? Cube fodder I

What happened wayyyy back in the day, when
we weren't luxurious lap livin'? When you and
your tribe had to trek for days on empty bellies.
When you had to push into that place that we
now voluntarily seek thru the spinning of pedals?
When you're 'riding on instinct' just trying to get home?

oooo, woww, whee!!!! we ride bikes, fast!
trivial on the surface, but when you start digging
into those lonely white line thoughts, that pedaling
induced trance of one foot thru the other flow....

well, there are many answers to the question, why?
every time you think you might have an answer which
you could believe was finally, truly, the answer....a new
approach to the question emerges.


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