W101, qwik n dirty

W101 is getting all grown up.
Emergence of a true rockstar class,
lot's of training for the Shen100 logged,
post race kegstands are fun.

got to hang and meet with lots of cool
and interesting and fun people. Good to see
the old Meatplow still in action.
(shhh, somebody's interested in a fixy.....)

the race?

the race went beyond better than expected.
managed to stick to a programme this time.....

Don't blow by chasing across the flats/roads,
work over the climbs like you own them,
and survive the descents.

oh, and don't cramp.

on course highlights:
Getting to see the lead pack develop on the
first climb. Early morning misty light thru
the pines was inspiring, don't forget to look
around! Longerberger on into the Bridges was
zen money. Renegade beer stop was actually
not a mirage, riding the Croyle downhill after
said beer stop was like a loopy dream, and
then I ejected the Keystone Light ballast at
the bottom.
Had a flat after Telephone trail, apparently
it's been awhile since I re-upped the Stan's.
29er tubes do work in a 26" sized tire.
Plenty of long quiet periods of pedal pedal pedal.
pedal pedal pedal.
Found good flow along Sandbank and on top
of Sassafras. Top Trail was tits and then
stupidly flatted dropping into Poe Paddy/cp 5.

And that second tunnel is much further
away than I remember.

Kept my head in the game, road smart
and finished whole damn the thang in 9:23.
3 hours faster than last year and good
enough for 14th or so in the ss, maybe 60th
overall with everybody figured in.

Sounds like JB and Harlan had a good battle going
until an errant stick jumped into Harlan's wheel &
req'd a dismount. That's racing.....

Popularity is rising, lots of people figuring it
out and the field is getting crowded. It's been
a lot of fun being along for the ride, here's to
the next one.

Thanks everybody!

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camps said...

the lure of the flow,
what pushed you over that edge?

that'd be a good bike for our new trail eh?