Time for the annual Meeshoshlow Shuttle Shession. Try to do this once a year, big phatty point to point in the backyard. One final ride w/ underlying purpose as the days grow shorter and the focus shifts from race prep to riding without hidden meaning. Pedals have been turning sweetly with flow and lightness. Handful of road bike sessions up over hill and dale, chasing cars thru the Holly Gap trying to hang in the draft at 33-35 on the 40:15 brings up the revs and confidence. The Hundo, the final jewel in the crown, is coming. This wknd, one final push before the taper. Do the big mtn thang tomorrow, then onto the skinny tires to retrieve the car on Sunday. Maybe one final effort on Monday depending on what's left in the tank. Sub-10, that's what's on my mind.

The route.

sub-10, can I uncork another one? 101 showed me the way and opened the door to the party. Now it's time to raise the roof and tear that shit down, fucking wreck the joint in a blaze of glory. It's gonna be fun, all of it.


Anonymous said...

sub 10, bring it bitch. I'm hoping to be there for some of that, weather permitting.

Dicky said...

Sub 10 fixed or have fun free wheelin'.
I got two weeks to decide.

Tomi said...

strong words from an anonymous scared little boy, step out from behind that mask......beeyatch!

Tomi said...

dicky, it'll be fun no matter how you swing it.