last minute....

so, this is very important shite.
question for those that are heading to the ShendoHundo.

Who's bringing what flavor beer for their private stash?
With a full body count, figure the supplied libations might run dry,
so for variety, who's bringing what?

I'm leaning towards the Cold Hop from Boulder.....

oh yeah,

I'm gonna rip the fucking cranks off that bike on Sunday,
Don't get in my way.


Anonymous said...

I'll drink whatever you bring. Just buy an extra case.

Tomi said...


Anonymous said...

since I'll be home all weekend you can leave some beer behind for me....

anyhoo, have fun, I'm definitely bumming a little that I won't be there, sounds like it should go down as one of the wildest both on and off the bikes. tear it up and keep your eyes peeled for those sneaky bridges.


camps said...

I'll be bringin something strong and dark, like Brooklyn Chocolate Stout. But I also need to bring something lighter if I expect to be able to meet my usual goal of one beer for every hour spent on the course. Haven't yet met that goal, if only I could finish in JB's time, then I'm sure I could do it.

Any requests for flavors?

gwadzilla said...

great hanging after the race!

amazing accomplishment working that course on a fixed gear at that rate of speed

you clearly have a oneness with the bike that I could only dream of