mind games

The final push. this is it, the end of this year's official programme is approaching.

The hundo is in the books, what's done is done, and that will be that. Only thing to do now is to keep the engine running smooth & clean. The question is the end result. Sub-10 fixed? If not this year, then probably never. I'm tired of chasing ghosts. The Stoopid, le Tour and the 101, I've made my statement. S&M100 will be the exclamation point, a big fat stick with a dot underneath it. I'm bringing a party into the house of pain, and I'm gonna burn that mother fucker down, nothing left but ashes and a velvet rope. Went thru the self doubt and those nagging questions for most of the week. The fear of shifting weather and shared safety gear throwing my health into turmoil was unfounded. No sniffles or scratches to muddy the system, whew.

Tomorrow, exploration is again on tap. Back up into the Tuscarora, taking a much smaller bite now that the lay of the land is familiar, hoping for only 4 hours this time. Will it really be 6-8ish miles of ridgetop love ending with a descent to the car? The maps say yes, the navigator, he's not so sure. Sunday we're up to Lykens for a change of scenery and further sharpening of the ninja skillz. Tonight, running to G'burg for parts, then bleeding brakes and tuning up clapped out bikes in the basement. ahhhh, the glamorous life of a wannabe bike bum racer, lovin' it.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing but ashes aye? well, if you were really gonna go for it then you'd throw safety out the window. But, I like your thinking, good luck.