shakedown shivers

hmmmmm, found that old familiar feeling. The heat is on, both literally from our friend the Sun, and from the internal workings of a trembling mind. Trying to get it 100% physically while the subconciously restrained at 87.3%. Makes for goofy rythmn and questions of Am I really ready? Blowing out corners, misstimed logs, pinging tires off rocks.......flow cannot be forced. Odd to have what I call a Saturday ride on a Wednesday.

Finally after a few deep breaths and a psst psst or two from the tires after the Comm Service warmup, rode into some tranquility up Woodrow & Jake's. Across the ridge to Rattlesnake, found a snappy pace then called myself a pussy outloud for not riding the big bone breaking move on Rattlesnake, pussy. Back it up, regrouped on the leftside cheater line, dropped into v2.0 and rode that cleanly, even the righthander gnarl. Been awhile since I've done that, gold star for Tomi. Finished with more awkwardness thru the Nowhere loop and a backtrack cooldown spin on Comm Service.

So the shakedown is done, rode thru the jitters and unfocused mind. Well, not really unfocused, just have the sights set on Saturday, so the focal point is not the here and now, but the there and then. The ride ramping is in the books, time to tie up loose ends with trips to stock the feed bag and get the CR-Vizzle loaded. Dos is dialed, just need to clean her up a bit and judging by appetite, my engine is revving and ready to blow doors. I have a lofty goal in mind, but seeing as how the start list is becoming more stacked by the day, may need to revise that. The time on course is still attainable, final standings shuffle will depend on how many rockstars vs ponies toe the line.

My plan? Latch onto that lead group, tear up some trail, suffer like I know how and see where the chips fall. It sure as hell can't hurt nearly as bad as last year. Well, maybe it can, but it'll have a different flavor for sure.

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