101 by the numbers

yeah, I'm an enginerd, I like numbers.

39,452 = Pedal revs req'd to roll a 2:1 ratio'd
mtn fixy over 101 miles.
563 = Minutes to pedal a fixed mtn bike over
101 miles w/ 10k of climbing
400 = Oz's of fluid during the race.
151 = avg heartrate.
70.1 = avg cadence.
10.7 = avg speed.
5 = gel flasks emptied.
4 = albums listened to via the pod.
3 = Number of times I 'coasted' w/ feet off the pedals.
3 = Approx total minutes spent 'coasting', I get skeered.
3 = Hours chopped off of last year's time.
2 = Qty of flat tires
2 = Slugs of bourbon for the nerves the night before,
thanks Buck.
2 = Fingers that are still kinda numb & tingley.
1 = my placing in the 'fixy' class.

? = number of times that I'll do this again.


Pete said...

Your stoopid! That was a horible experience on a Single Speed, and you smoked it on the fixie, good work tomi, hope to see you next year!

Anonymous said...

whoa there fella, beauty of a job on course. I'd say that time is on the books for awhile. Now, what about that 9:50 I hear say about the Shendo? Hmmm wish I had a real shot at that one.