the next level

what is it?
what will it take?

I love the long race, feels good to do a solid day's work.

been watching the growth of unsupported, multi day events.
GDR, CTR, recently attempted Wasatch Classic.

what could be done in this neck of the woods?
something that doesn't involve plane tickets and lots of travel to venues.

ya know, Massaunutten and Michaux share the same ridgeline.
Reddish and the Tuscarrora on the other side of the valley.

Or from the 'burg to Canaan, 3-4 days of big classiques.

Guess I should get an S-D-S ride under my belt first though.

Or a house to the MD line and back via Michaux two dayer.
hmmmm, drive & drop the car down south, ride home, eat, sleep, ride back to pick up the car. A fall project? Just kicking around some ideas on a chill Friday afternoon.....

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camps said...

the SS Outlaw is trying to do a Chambersburg to Frederick mtb ride (my house to his house) via as much Michaux and Watershed singletrack as possible.

That's looking like a Fall event