skier's eyes.

Jakey back in town.

going riding, for a 
change of pace.  Rough 
in the idea for the front
half of the spring fitty.
If that's really the direction
it's heading...

freeride linkage, down thru
the open forest.  see the open
schussing turns.  see it covered
in 2' of whiteness.  Perceptions 
of speed...trees approach slower 
on two wheels, interesting
thoughts of control enter the

See pillowy round rocks 
growing from the forest floor.
Imagine that layer of fluff,
think of the speed of two planks,
see the line for the runout,
and tell yourself...if only,
I could be weightless right now.

Still a lot of turns to make,
anybody have beta on the Mad 
River Tele fest in a few weeks?
It's been on the tick list, 
time feels right.


Anonymous said...

Better pay your parking ticket!!!

Tomi said...

I think Jake is still disinfecting his car door.

Anonymous said...

Tuckerman's late march early april. as free as it gets on this side.