old skool II

My Steed:

'90 NORBA, NJ: Ned

Johnny T.

The start: Ned, Tinker...

'89 Spring Excape, Craig Cty, VA:
random hippie mtn biker.


Carl, Camelback, '90.

NJ NORBA trials:

apologies if some of these are repeats,
feel like I posted a couple of 'em before....
too lazy to look at archives.


camps said...

Ned & Tomac
rigid forks and toe clips
canti brakes and water bottles

Stubbie said...

Where's the Ritchey?? Did you sell it after it took your two front teef out??

Tomi said...

lol, the Ritchey is here, holding up some cobwebs, a jacket or two...