figuring it out.

the calander....

Official things to do:
(3) Meeshow Races: May 3, July 19, Sept 13
(3) SMT events: Stoopid 50, W101, S&M100
(1) il Giro
(1) July Stage Race, tbd.
(1) World Championships

Alternates on the radar:
Kuhn's Rocktober in May, sweet course up in RB Winter, May.
God's Country Marathon @ Denton, August?

Un official, the relaxing stuff:
MeeShow 100, unsupported.
Another PA or VA multi night adventure or three,
(Multi day trek up to Raystown for the opening?)


Anonymous said...

I like seeing il Giro on the to do. I really just wanna see that pink yeti again.

Anonymous said...

SDS sounds like fun. I've got to book things way in advance. Keep me posted on an few weekends for big adventures.