Punk'd, fo realz

SSPunk was fun, one of best
that I've been privvy to be a part
of. solid, solid loop, solid crew.
fixie mafia keepin' it realz, Pat, Dom,
dude whom I've only met twice...

the underground shenanigans weren't
enough to derail a respectable ride by
the Schalkanator though. I tired to
jump on his wheel once, and laughed
at myself.

Highlight 1: nabbing my first authentic
punk, thanks to stage 1 singletrack
holeshot, Elk nipped me for the stage
win at the line though, curses.

Highlight 2: Not balling it up like Pat
in those rocks, 'twas puckering thru
that section, Ninja skillzzz tested.

Highlight 3: Keg w/ warm campfire action.
Noticed Schalk was a bit light on the partaking
of the nectar....time to work the crowd.

Spread the word for a points donation,
lobby for Chad, he's been rockin' so far.
Time passes, break in the action, Poz
hands me some points and punks...

"cool, I'll give 'em to Chad."

"No these are Chad's, mine......we gotta roll."


spend final stages turning inside out to keep
it realz, and retain that fine Stoudt.
scrape some scraps 6th, 7th, 6th...
Fix was tough on the trialsy section,
then try to hold Elk's wheel, ouch.

Slum back to the cars, recovery drinks,
doping control, change of kit.....
miss the points tallying...oops
missed awards, ooops....
that was speedy...damn pros musta
had to meet their Leer Jet or sumthin'.....

so I empty the pockets on the hood of a fine
American pick up. Beer addled brains do
the math. 141.

Go find Joe,
Where's Joe?

How many did Jeff have?


no. really?

nice job Jeff.


Fxdwhl said...

goddamn does elk look sad in that pic.

pabiker said...

crap I had a first place from the no dab section I wanted to give you.