yeah. testing myself.
always, ALWAYS have good legs in early-mid June.
Would rather have that happen in early July for a change.

is it mental? or just the pattern of the body, workload?
delay the workload, delay the peak. not 2-3 weeks
of slack, but 2-3 weeks of relaxed mintainence, stay here,
on this plateau for a bit longer.

I know, funny from someone who doesn't 'train.'
But, come one, been doing this for 20 yrs now,
I know how the body responds, I know when I'd
like to stroke the ego this year, so why not maximize
it? I'll just be a step behind early, and maybe not trying
to cling to that steppe in Sept, but rather be in the heart
of it. time will tell, stay tuned.

Problem is, weather looks like shit for
skiing next week, temptation.

should I tune the road bike?
charge some lights?

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mike said...

Yes. You should tune the road bike!