can ya feel it?

this touch of warm air, 

tingles the senses.  hey, it's
sorta daylight a bit longer,
flat light lingering extra on 
the evening trip to the gym.

upsetting to see the carnage 
in the WG report, hope for a
sustained base up high.  also 
hope for lesser damage up 
north, there is a possible reboot 
on the horizon.  C'mon Ullr,
one more shot.

for now, resist the temptation,
just a bit longer.  get other shit 
done, and let the recent ski frenzy 
soak in.  body whispering, 'rest....'
weather does look more 'bike' 
than 'ski' thru the wknd though.

skinny tires in the dark?
maybe just a qwik  recovery 
spin...shake things loose.

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