mortal thoughts.

Larry has a good post up,
thought provoking, which i commented on....

led me to think more.

back to focus....see below.

no, focus, you ass.

let's say you're really, really rippin' down the trail on your bike,
how fast? round here, maybe, mayyyyyybe 15ish sustained.
As Carp once said, VA big mtn flowy styley, "doesn't really get
interesting until 20...." Then you try to hold onto that lanky
bastard's wheel while rippin' down Dowell's or the SMT, and
it starts to get 'interesting.' So, roll it just a while longer, a
quick snap of the neck to check the digits, 21.2, neat.
Then it's time to breath and let him go.

How fast do you go when you ski? It's hard to tell, layered in
layers, not out there in spandex undies, senses muted.
20? 25? sure. 30? 40???
Tried to gauge it tonight vs road bike perception. Let
those WorkS run. Feel the cold air on the cheek.
Feel the cold hero snow underfoot, see the wide
open slope below.

Stick an edge and ride it clean.
Stick two and fucking rail it.
Big, damp, stable, carving machines...
let. them. run.

Now take it all in, how fast? How fast, HOW FAST?!?!?!?
well, I sure as hell don't wanna fall right now,
I know that much. That, will be ugly.

How's the wind on the face? COLD!
ok, how fast is the terrain coming?
I dunno, but I need to turn NOW!
use it all. how fast? how FAST?

the minutae gets blurry, focus on the mid to large
sized features, so probably at least 25 plus...
but how fast? sure do love the flat rollouts here at
Roundtop, lots of room to shut it down, man these
skis sure are stable....ok, don't quite finish this next
turn, hit that ripple, weightless....2......1...
onto that pinky toe and driiiiiiiiive! finally we're moving.....

now.......lay down, and slide blind backwards, into the trees.

it is a bit different than grabbing
some brakes and shooting for that
daylight gap into the shrubbery.

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camps said...

My buddy at Wt said yesterday that he has a speed/gps gizmo that measured him and others in the 40s and up.