get it while it's hot.

awesome day, mellow rythmn which still emptied
the tank w/ most excellent adventure partner Churtle.
Escalator to Bald, to Pipeline to Birches Garden,
over to Great Eastern, not quite to Canyonlands,
back up blue ribbon to pipeline saddle. Bee line
summer trail-ish to Baldy Spruce enclave. More
single schussin to the fancy rocks, back out the
rabbit hole at Heaven's Gate for groomer skate
action w/ the big tele gear, whew. Fern Gully, Falls
Overlook...all $$$$$$$$$. Back up to Roundtop
for a turnfest down to lodge....tooo much fun,
6hrs punched, but feel another batch of turns
calling. Spur of moment Chipper inspiration,
take Bro's for a hot lap, sorry, didn't mean to
diss ya Cheryl. 25 minute up & down...big skis
spreading mashed potatos like butter.

Met an incredible gentleman today, Hank?
(god I suck with names.) Got a nice snapshot of him,
soooo much experience right there......super tight
kit, eh? He was heading up for "one more lap."
Just loves freeheelin'....Dude has been skiing Whitegrass
since wayyyyyy back when it was opened originally
by the Bartons! He remembered a functioning rope tow,

"Went a long ways up there...."

Who knows, was possibly there opening day.....
and still skiing and loving Whitegrass.

"No place on earth like it."

Indeed sir, indeed.

(clicky make biggy on all)

As always, thank you Chip & FOWG!!!!


gwadzilla said...

oh man!

my son dean was talking about Canaan today

well... he was talking to a friend about skiing
she asked him if he skied or boarded
then she asked him where he skied

he said West Virginia!

at seven I can not tell you how it breaks my heart how conversations on the ski lift are about why we should live in colorado
they kids these days
I did not think like that till I was in my early 20s

great words
followed by great photos

camps said...

That is a great kit,
would love to see what's below his ankles