Really in the mood to rant about ToC,
or, excuuse, AToc.

best, Best, BEST!


best riders, best bikes, best race
on American Soil EVAH!!!!

And half of those fuckers in
the headlines are unrepentant
fucking cheaters.

fuck them.

pro racing was fun again,
new names, new drama,
new scandal, now it's the
old guard. feels like the
clock is turned back five
years, but the veil of belief
isn't there to make it worth

but at least now, with power!!!

talk about tedious fucking
wanker boy bullshit.

ohhh, ahhhh, his SRM peaked
a three minute a miximal mean
threshold computed semi calibrated
quanitfication of 397watts.

jizz in my pants.

yeah, give. it. up.

just pedal you damn bike.
learn to suffer, learn to
enjoy suffering, and realize
the gifts it gives you, beyond
maybe making the first page
of the results sheet.

pedal your damn
bike and be free.

ok, that's out.
Punk report to follow....


Anonymous said...

I'm still watching the live coverage. Beats Oprah, ya know?

Tomi said...

yeah, I was glancing at Velosnooze....and it got to me.