steel. is. real.

when you hit the deck, and discover
that your fork now looks like this,
what to do?Tried to round up a proper replacement on short notice, and I could go on a retrogrouchy rant about the current state of the bike industry, but we'll save that for later....or never. Instead, what I hoped would be an ez swap turned into many, many trips up and down the stairs, one bike in the stand, other bike in the stand, back n forth, strip & compare, measure, measure. Measure, measure, measure, measure. And now tickled beyond pink, cuz this is the best riding road bike I've swung a leg over since the old Colnago Super. A true classic that begs to be ridden as intended, out on the open road, all. day. long. Maiden voyage was with a freshy fresh 15t and new chain racing the sunset to the top of King's Gap. What a smooth comfortable ride, not twitchy racer boy style, but all day puttin' in the miles cruisin'. Perfect for my current & future intentions, if I hadn't been underdressed for the post sunset low 40's, the grin woulda been much bigger.
damn, so freakin' psyched.


Fxdwhl said...

Damn you musta went down hard. New ride looks good, like the double bottles on the downtube. How fat a tire will it take?

Also, I think Soma Fabrications makes threaded forks.

Brett said...

Wow, that's a cocked hat. I had to tilt my head to make sense of that first pic. Nice sunset shot.

huber said...

that's a mean gansta lean!