had a plan

Bucky's Dream Century on tap for Sunday, 100+ fixed road
miles, trying to get my head around that. What to do Sat?
Mtn bike ride from the doorstep, with a road focus; Ridge Rd,
that slog acrossPiney Mtn Ridge....

Scenes from the morning commute,
upper reaches of the LeTort.
Big horse, little horse.Photo shoot along Canyon Trail.Flat Trail/Mtn Creek love.The road home.

Sunday started out with this crew.

It ended early when I bounced off the tarmac.
Nobody's fault really. After such a loooooong
string of excellent adventures, I was due for
a payment at the bank of Karma. shit happens,
accidents happen, it's all part of the game.
Physically, just a few rasberries, lovin' the
extra cool weather layers.

So what to do after that? All dressed up with nowhere
to go. Keep the kit on, drive home & change my dancin'
shoes. Then back out the door in the other direction.

Spruce Run, a 10minute shorter spin than Marsh Run.Spotted some rocks on Saturday, today seemed
like the right time to investigate....

And guess what I found?
A fun looking bouldering wall.
This ledge goooooooes.Couple spots look rollable for an exit.Looking up.Down from the top.Feel like I found a new playground, close to
the doorstep, perfect venue for a 2-3hour
out-n-back or as a Vista/Canyon loop extender.

Lemonade from lemons.....


Anonymous said...

yo how did you hit the ground? we understand it was an accident but sounds like you had some help


Anonymous said...

is Spruce Run aka "Mullens".....?

great find on thoose boulders.