training? riding?

yesterday: 50.x miles, 1:40 battling the 15-20mph west wind with the 40:15. 1:20 to get home once I turned left. Totally silent stealth fix spinning along Pine Rd at sustained 24mph is lovely, 16.8mph avg, mid 120's avg hr. ride 'nutrition' was handled by two bite size Paydays.

today: 28miles of beating the snot out of myself, 4hrs elapsed. some tempo work, some climbing work, plenty of dizzy blurry downhill ninja pedal work. fun sunday ride with the 'cakes. avg hr: 153, 45min above 176, 1:35 below 150, includes the 40minutes of stoppage time. hit the ground once, got in over my head on Graves and executed a poorly timed pedal strike instead of what should have been a shmoove wheelie drop.....like I said, dizzy & blurry.

now I know.

Bucky. Missing real singletrack,
Jake flashes his O face.

This guy is 48.


Fxdwhl said...

Ramping it up as I'm cutting back with the weather turning nice; gotta admit I'm a bit jealous. Did you even coast this year?

Hoping to rally back later in the season.

Tomi said...

dude, you've got more important things coming your way....and nope, no coasting yet, but there is a shiney new Eno freewheel on the Dos, it makes clicky noises.

Fxdwhl said...

not enough hours in the day is my problem. too much ambition, too much to do, too little time.

show'em how to roll at cohutta.