now what?

again, the seasonal odo rolled past 1k.
finally, 'base work' is done.

but what's that mean? mtn bike miles
don't figure in to that. Cohutta? not part
of it. so now what? take a step back, let
the body find the hunger again. lots
of pain dealt out down in those GA
hills, mind not quite ready for that
battle, yet. the traveling circus visits
the backyard this wknd, good route,
clocks out midish 40's. some dismal shit
on the Valley side of Ridge Rd. Making us
earn it, as usual. Rollin' the fix, hope the
legs find some spark. Opening slog on Piney
will suck, fireroad descent after Ridge
will be slummin' for sure. So you suckers
better roll it balls out, otherwise don't
be surprised when you see me coming.
couple more lazee dayz, and I think the
hunger'll be back.

So, who's camping?


huber said...

hippies love camping!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get some stumppin' time in. could anybody bring a stump? I'd bring the Longhammers..

doug said...

Its all about the camping...