one for the thumb.

I banged out a long winded race report,
and, well, whatever....

spending time with really cool roadtrippin' buddies and the extended family/clan of endurosufferhoundfreakers and meeting even more of the same makes it all worthwhile.

I would rate that as the second hardest fixed ride I've done. The downhills are relentless, you hammer your way up the climbs trying to put or take as much time as you can, only to have 'em all go whirring past at 30+ as you're spun out slummin' at 15.8 trying to recall exactly when were these brake pads new???? And on and on and on.

Biggest regret of the day was not racing with my camera, every so often, treated to a view, another insane scenic vista. Hard to fathom that you're in TN/GA at times, incredible landscape. Always remember to look around, ya might miss something otherwise. Morning mist and a low fog lit by the muted rising sun and then a shimmery glimmering south east exposure wet leaf benchcut as the sun broke free for what seemed like just that section of trail, bigggg overlooks and climbing into the clouds.....damn, what a day.

But still, beyond all that goodness there were some questions left unanswered out there. 9:20ish elapsed, no idea on where in the standings, wayyy back in the ss I'm guessing. Not sure yet what to think of that, but I think I've got some work to do. And saying that in mid April is like, well, duh.

Congrats to the cabinmates on all of their fine
performances, inspiring on so many levels, ya'll rock!

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