take a breath.

when you get sucked into bullshit on line drama, over bullshit stoopid bike races of all things. gotta try to step back, and take a breath. don't get lost staring at just this.stop and look around. lots of things to see.take a step back and breath.
picked up a new bit of kit.
took it out for a lunch ride..
out the door to Twirlytop and eventually riding some sick new singletrack, which just happens to be the opening loop for next wknds race.
a picture for the spancers. then up Bendersville proper to Brush and quick lap up ColdSpring for lunch along Canyon. Long spin home thru the Marsh Run-Letort lollipop stem for a sweet six hour loop. need to figure out a decent external mount for the camera, otherwise, new pack was rockin'.
stay away! PeeYay sux.


Fxdwhl said...

how's the pack?

dicky said...

ergon having bastard.

Anonymous said...

whats the bullshit online drama? cant be as good as hardcore ontrail dreamin. You workin Thr?

Tomi said...

pack is awesoome. no can't swing Thurs, which sux.