TomiCOGS Sweep Cohutta 100 Fixed Gear Class

For Release, 4/20/08: TomiCOG Factory riders, Tomi and Dicky lay waste to the fixed gear field at the 3rd annual Cohutta 100. Torrential southern day long monsoons drenched the Cohutta Mtns and set the stage for a dreary start to the day. Despite the conditions, the early portion of the race found the two stealthy riders sneaking into podium contention, sometimes even helping to set the tempo of the s.s. pain train, wooo wooo! But eventually all trails must end, and the two Quixotic journeymen went off in search of their personal windmill dragons and tales of glory on crazed viking battlefields.

Tomi's long ride ended in nine hours and twenty one minutes, two minutes faster than his previous fixed best at the Wilderness 101! Dicky eventually came to terms with his choice of running a 17, and broke thru the 10hr threshold on only his second attempt! Both riders were quoted as saying at the finish that "It was really hard.....kinda sucked in fact......gotta beer?"

It has been questioned though, whether Dicky's choice of going shirtless from the final CP gave him an unfair aero advantage. USCF/FCC/NUE Basic Rules #6.a-4c states that: Any rider who dares to expose a nipple in order to gain an unfair advantage either thru aerodynamic superiority or as intended to startle the competition will be found to be in violation of Rule #6.a-4c.

2008 Cohutta 100 Fixed Gear Podium: Tomi & Dicky
photo c: Namrita O'dea


Luis G. said...

Classic... if only showing his nipples were the only rule Dicky violated!

I believe his result should be investigated by the NUE/USAC/NORBA/UCI/Whiny Bitches Sanctioning Board.

riderx said...

Nice job kids.

Namrita O'Dea said...

thanks for posting the photo. i've been getting tons of emails asking to purchase copies. it could be my best photography work ever. nice, thanks for making me rich! :-)

Buddy said...

Nice job Tom. See ya next weekend.


Hmmm.... said...

The photo is was very well taken by Miss Nam - however, the Dicky nipples...not so cool! ;)