fuck me.
7:15 elapsed from
Caledonia to here.
Route: the other Blue Blaze-Sting-fireroad
to Lollipop. All of Lollipop, then fireroad
back to Camp Trails, the cross Ridge at
Fegley to newish/oldish? enduro link.
3-mile, thur the Tumbling Run spring
cleaning to Lewis Rocks. Larry & Martin
head back to Quarry Gap, we soldier on
out across Rattlesnake, into Nowhere and
serve up some Community Service.
Water at the Furnace, back up Bendersville
Rd proper then left and out the mind
numbingly quiet Piney Mtn Ridge slogfest
to the always rewarding Ridgetop rippin'
down to TaggRunn and home via Marsh Run
with a Letort finish.
5:45 pedaling to the doorstep,
snack breaks and two tire issues.
not quite 50miles logged.

I would love to tryt to piece together
a Meeshowslow hundy.....
damn it could be fun.


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camps said...

Yea, that hundy sounds like hours of fun.