Why do we fight?

Is a movie you should find,
and watch. And think about.

And also read this article:


and it's no wonder that we're being
overrun by WalMartian Sheeple.

Who owns the media? GE has a big chunk.
Aren't they also a huge defense contractor?

How much fucking oil does the
US Miltary itself consume everyday?

gotta feed the beast.

and these assholes have been at it since I was born,
they alllllll go back to those heady days of Vietnam &
Watergate. look it up, it's all the same players, it's
about time those bastards did some time.
Watergate, Iran-Contra, Savings & Loan,
the Past 7 years.......
oh, and Monica! omg!!!! impeach impeach!!!

How far have they gone this time?

think about it too much and you just
wanna walk right the fuck off the grid.

it's an endless fucking circle, isn't it?


sam said...

It makes me sick and overwhelmed.

Jimmy K said...

why we fight is one question...

why we follow is another.

saw the flic...very memorable.

also check "the fog of war", different, but equally memorable.

camps said...

They both are really interesting flics. Have only seen Why We Fight once, partially. Need to see it again. Too bad it's not here:

Loose Change is there though, another really good one

Brett said...

it's amazing how much people dont't want to think (act?) these days. think i'll turn on HGTV and be a good little consumer.

Luis G. said...

In any other country, there would be a revolution. Here we just sit on our asses and accept the lies been fed to us...

Anonymous said...

You can do one of two things. Fight the system and complain about it or you can embrace it and exploit it. I choose to do the later.

It's all about target marketing and the majority of people in this country are sheeple. It’s great; they do what they are told, read at an 8th grade education and have a short attention span. The best thing about this group is that they provide a lot of purchasing power to buy new things and do what they are told. People in corporate America and at the top recognize this and get their cut.

The cycle will continue.

Brett said...

Heard a great quote on NPR this morning concerning the demographics of PA voters compared to the rest of the nation. "Whiter, older, less educated, and less affluent." Awesome. Can't find the story on NPR.org yet but I'm looking.

Brett said...


Transcript isn't up yet.