so, as ya'll know, or did know,
until the short term got wiped.

I'm going to the BreckEpic to
'race' the fixy. Part of the deal
was that I spam the shit out of all
ya'll, then you vote, then I write
and race for 'free.'

Well, I've been writing, and even a
bit of proof reading, and now these
articles are begining to appear...

First here: My BreckEpic Page

Then they'll move, hopefully soon,
over onto my host site, Bike Magazine.
BikeMag.com, neat, huh?


dicky said...

Bike Mag???

Never heard of it.

Is that the magazine formally known as Bike and Needlepoint Mag??

Did you get in based on your fine needlepoint skills??

I read your stuff Rommel.

Tomi said...

go wash your plate!

effin' hippy.

Chili said...

We'll be reading... nice jobby!