to race?

you know you're in the right place
when you think about actually 'racing'
at Breck vs jra getting thru it.

Altitude? yeah it's a bummer, but pretty
much everybody will be in the same boat,
unless you've been hi mtn chillin' like JB,
or a hardcore local out to defend the turf...

And based on how the ridin's been goin',
I'm ready to fucking rip some cranks off!
still on a Stoopid buzz, rolling the fix
home @ only 20 couple minutes off the
Pfluganator, who just threw down a 5th
overall at Lumberjack. Yeah, the pump
is primed. Dropped a couple pounds,
turned up the intensity while backing
off the volume, and now I'm resting
and chomping at the bit.

Today the required gear list came out,
thought I had it dialed. Figured on bottles
on the bike (34+25ozer's), gel flasks in a
pocket. Stem bag to hold a tool, patch box
of bits, #2 tube. Loaner swanky rain jacket
stuffed in a pocket, camera in the other pocket.
No pods allowed.
No pack needed.

But now I see an emergency blanket and
first aid kit in the mix. Hmmm, that's a
camera's worth of space, or I go back to
riding with a pack...ride it, or race it?
Run the Ergon fully loaded and ride it like
a fast tour, or race it and maximize the

Could drop the #2 tube, or strap it to
the stem! make room for silver blanky
and band aids in the box, keep the weight
off my back. cuz every time you stand to
pedal, you're lifting it over and over and
over....and I ain't 'racing' w/out my camera....

glad I got few days of shakedown once there
to figure it out. Looks like I'm hitting Evergreen
w/ FuriousGeorge and then solo explorin' a
bit of the CT on Saturday.

Good times coming!


the original big ring said...

hey tomi, jason over at the soiled chamois recommended me get in touch with you regarding gearing for the wilderness 101

i'm coming down from canada (ottawa) to ride - never done it before - a little scared - trying to get all the info i can

if you got the time and wouldn't mind dropping me an e-mail regarding gearing, i'd much-o appreciated.


craig underscore barlow at sympatico dot com

the original big ring said...

opps . . .


sympatico dot ca (not com)

Metro said...

Fuckin aye Tomi it sounds like you are ready to rock bro. Great to hear for sure. I'm looking forward to hearing about the race via updates and lets face it; your photos are always the bees knees.

Keep us in the loop, good luck and remember that bad boy goes to 11 and thats one more than everybody else.


rousseau said...

Tomi - let me know if you want to go for a fun ride while you're out here...or I'll see you at the Firecracker on July 4. Rode the Gold Dust stage of the Epic on Sunday - some snow and wet, but it is drying up quick. Turns to be had if you bring your skis too. Email me. Later.

riderx said...

I saw go with a minimalist hydration pack. Way easier to drink on the fly when racing fixed gear in my experience. And drinking is super crucial at altitude. No chance of ejecting crucial fluid on a rocky descent either.

Tools in a micro seat bag, tube on the stem. Or you could jam tools/tube in a water bottle as another way to keep weight off your back.

Good luck, looking forward to hear the report.

camps said...

have fun,
how close does the Breck get to the GDR? don't go off explorin' that during the race, save it for next year. one thing at a time...

Jason said...

Go for it Tomi! You were 20 minutes behind Gerry at the Stoopid? You are ready! 'Cause that dude is in FORM. Sound like you are too. Good luck.

Jamie E said...

See you soon! Looking forward to a nice little trail tour.

Anonymous said...

good luck pussy face.