crunch time.
what's done is done.
it's all in the books now,
clock is punched.

loose ends, making lists.
collecting boxes, fill
'em w/ the 'essentials'
feet up as much as possible,
still turn the pedals a bit to
hone the edge here and there.

surfing, wondering what's
in store. small world
nowadays thru these tubez.

wanna know what's out there?
wonder what the terrain is like?

go here: Ergon pimpin' Jeff

or here: uber Green babe Sonya

or here: Little e, more my style.

then hyperventilate for full effect.


Sonya said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Tomi said...

no problem, ya'll rock! thanks for the picture tour & impressions...aiding in the quest towards tranquillo.