almost got there, almost. taking it
back to basics, have only worn the
HR gizmo once this year, annoying,
hassle. So, relying on benchmarks,
perceptions of output, sensations.

Find a loop you like, a decent
loop w/ small challenges, ride
around it at an honest early season
'tempo' pace, look at the numbers.
first time 'round, 44mile w/ a 17.1avg
following week, roll around it again,

remember the basic ways, recall
the old benchmarks. There was a
loop I use to ride when I lived in
Franklintown, 40miles on the button.
The mark was getting around it in 2hrs
or less, 20avg. Solid solo tempo work.

That was with a geared coasty bike.
Don't have one of those anymore, but
do still have the same motor. Haven't
hit this year's benchmark loop in a
few weeks, got out on it last night.
Not excited about the typical secenery,
so focus on something else, really
focus and pedal. Keep the revs high,
do the work on the small ups, qwik
recover on the backsides, then keep
the 40:15 spinning 20+ everywhere else.

Feel smooth, feel powerful, feel the wind,
feel the rain, feel the chill, stoke the
engine to keep it firing. Get lost in the
music, lost in the rhytmn, lost in the
sensations. Drink & pedal, head down focus
on the white line. Make it round the loop,
sit up for a cool down 10minute spin back into
town. Check the numbers....40.7 in 2:05.

19.6avg, w/ warmup (19.2 full pull)...
take away the first & last ten minutes,
does it nudge up to 20? So close.

Can you feel it?

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