talking shit....

So, I see Dicky is taking a monk like approach to the BreckEpic.

meh. but what do you expect out one of those racer boy spancered PRO types? Somebody needs to yank his singlespeeder street cred, this talk about no beer....err, at least until he's out of contention. whatever.

Here's the deal, I plan to be in contention, I plan to drink beer. Don't go changing the method midstream, go with what you know...can't imagine slumming back up over Boreas or Georgia Pass without the carrot of an ice cold beer waiting back at the tent. Can't imagine chilling under a purple mountain magesty sunset w/out a tasty beverage to close out the day.

Guess it goes to mindset. My mind is set to blow some minds, the fix ain't that big of a handicap, it just isn't....just need to outclimb everybody. And keep picking away at it...like the George Castanza pick up method. Just keep lingering enough to bend them into submission, just linger and they'll come back. Ride the last climb same as the first, and they'll get reeled in. Keep at it day after day after day, use those years of Tour experience, the precedent setting rides, been there, done that, cash it all in. Pedal beyond the loneliness of the quiet place and blow their minds. Go time is coming.

qwik FYI on finalized 'plans'...Fly into DIA Thurs, chillin' w/ Furious George thru the Friday shakedown spin near Evergreen, then rolling the Volvo loaner towards BuffaloCreek. Found a place on the map to camp, Green Mountain, near a pretty lake at ~8000ft. Take in the mtn vibe w/ a bit of car camping, then roll up to the Kenosha Pass 'hood for a bit of higher mtn shakedown Saturday morn, check out the CT out of Jefferson Lake. More sight seeing tourist noobness, should roll into BreckTown Saturday afternoon for a bit of apres Firecracker50 mingling. Imagine there'll be Holidaze fireworks, crash on the couch/floor hookup afterwards and moving into my tent for the week on Sunday.

Official daily bloggyness will be somewhere, I'll try to throw the linkage up here once I know it...got a bag of clothes to pack, then to the airport on Thursday for a trip thru the metal tubez. Here we GO!

oh yeah, Rousseau, shoot me an email w/ your digits, will try to track you down on Saturday, not sure if I have your email....


Cellarrat said...

I may be near brek saturday... would love to hook up

my cell doesn't work at my folks but it does where i'll be this weekend 970-314-4628

dicky said...

It's not like I have a drinking problem... more of a restraint issue.

I see a box of doughnuts and I have two choices:

Say no and walk away

Eat till they're gone

No seems like a better option on Day One.

dicky said...

Oh man, where's the love.

Moved down from "OneGearOneLove" to "Oh So Pro".

It cuts deep man.

Tomi said...

but, you are PRO! it was a tough call.... :-P

Anonymous said...

Tomi, I totally agree with your comments. The only thing living like a priest leads to is fucking little boys.

dicky said...

Great, Tomi's gonna list me under Little Boy Fuckers now.

Tomi said...

isn't Petuhh bringing the shock collar along? that'll keep you in line...

Metro said...

Good luck dude. Looking forward to reading about it. Sounds like a good time for sure.

Don't tell Dicky but: