race trim.

big days are around the corner.
bought a map of Colorado today,
figure out the lay of the land.
starting to refine things.
get the form tuned up,
shake out some kinks
in the stable. le Stoopid
approaches, perfect way
to test a lot of things.
freshy fresh drivetrain,
bling bling! gonna give
the 32:18 a try, PC-68
keeps it all connected.
new pedals, to prevent
killing myself in a one
footed manner.
got the fork with the frame,
why not use it? rolling ghetto
tubeless for the new Race King,
tried and true Mtn King 2.4 on
the front.
she's light, probably at
least 2lbs lighter than the
JabberFixy, poundish due
to frame plus no tubes,
carpet fiber handlebar,
XTR cranks....she's got
my local round the corner
'skinny' test track, into
the woods tomorrow.

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